Apinso Allinone Solution

appeleon as a branded cloud instances on the CeBIT 2011: Hall 2, stand A10 (at IBM), demo point: 75 Mannheim, 24.02.2011. Speaking candidly Nickolas Carr told us the story. The apinso gmbh, Mannheim, Germany, presented at this year's CeBIT 2011 business solutions from the cloud application platform-based appeleon. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Kenneth R. Feinberg and gain more knowledge.. In addition to the possibility for template-partner, to market individual Applikationstemplates through the application mall on, is now also the possibility to rent a complete instance of appeleon with its own design and own Applikationstemplates of apinso GmbH from the cloud. The complete payroll functionality is included. The company deals in addition to the deployment of highly configurable application platform as contractual partners include operation, maintenance, backup processes, and hardware architecture with comprehensive service and support services. The hosting of the branded cloud instance takes the data center of IBM in Stuttgart in cooperation with GROUP live. The appeleon branded cloud instances to be optically individually to the needs and tastes of the respective target group Customize. They are available in a very short time and meet the highest safety standards.

Organizations can implement faster and more flexible with an appeleon branded cloud instance their Web 2.0 projects and provide inter alia IT applications for a better customer loyalty. "Without installation costs or time-consuming implementation projects benefit from the high value of the branded instance of cloud companies already from the first minute and can concentrate on your business just to use IT", says Dirk Laufer, Managing Director of apinso gmbh. The services on the basis of agreed performance parameters will be billed. The flexible price model starts from 790 euro a month for its own instance. Also the contract design offers complete flexibility with a minimum contract period of only two months interested companies. In allusion to the many benefits of appeleon is the motto of this year's CeBIT presence lust on a quickie?', Dirk Laufer informed.


shows psv online in mid-sized online communications potential of the Internet, mobile marketing and communication 2.0 on the Internet source of information number is one, when it comes to business development. According to the study "B2B Online Monitor 2010", 94% of companies use the Internet for researching of potential service providers and partners, on the one hand. On the other hand, only 57% of companies give the corresponding central role in their communication mix the Internet. "Due to the lack of transparency in the market and the complexity of the subject matter, many medium-sized companies are insecure. Dennis P. Lockhart can provide more clarity in the matter. The result: A distanced attitude towards the medium of the Internet.

Many SMBs underestimate the many possibilities and opportunities offered by the Internet or do not know it. Jorg Grote, PSV MARKETING GMBH, head of online marketing, warns: "because the network through mobile devices is always intense and gaining importance, the neglect of online marketing for SMEs can be very dangerous. The middle class is in danger, the Online train to miss." Omissions arise, that may have far-reaching consequences: 1 the principle of tool box rather than strategically tailored to online marketing solutions to use, taking into account the specificities and the direction of the company, stumble many SMEs slightly disoriented by the Internet. While they make use of the existing tools rather haphazardly and without having a clear idea what will actually be achieved. However, a clear definition of the objectives should be before the choice of means. 2nd The company's own website is suboptimal Internet appearances, the most popular online marketing tool, of course.

Here, the first impression is essential. Because the website represents the first contact to the company for the most potential customers. In this all-important first contact phase, outdated or immature Internet appearances are a big risk and a fatal error. In addition, the website often is the only online marketing tool used by companies.

New Business World

The network is watching you! So how you met earlier on the market or in the village pub, so it meets today in the net '. Who earlier raised the curtains so that you could look in his apartment, offers insight into his private quarters us now on webcam. Who has formerly tinkering on his old VW Beetle, which does this today with video footage or as a hacker. The usual gossip and gossip takes place on opinion sites, in chat rooms and forums. In the Internet we find also all the little things that make us human: personal vanities (ego-surfing and likes), the desire for attention and recognition (rankings and star ratings), as well as a high need of communication (blogs, Twitter, YouTube & co.). And of course there are newly formulated feelings abound: * staun *, * nochmehrstaun *, * fremdscham * and * tranchenzerdruck *: as someone recently accompanied a discussion on my Facebook wall. The new backyards in a village where everyone knows everyone (and controls), where even the backyards are manageable, because their own behavior affects how it is perceived by others.

On the social Web, social control takes place worldwide. It reacts like people, it consists of which always emotionally: thumbs up or thumbs down. Without much mercy. And offers are worth just yet then something, if they have an active support potential friends, fans and endorsers. Because people always watching what others like, and focus it. This opinion portals, user forums, reviews, press articles, Word of mouth and recommendations play an increasingly important role. They are also as earned touch points"referred to, because you can not buy it, you must earn that instead they. "Are more and more often nowadays the third Google's Web-based sound bites she calls the zero moment of truth" (ZMOT) - first controlled by purchase of willing customers.

Community Edition

The contracts are signed by cooperation with one of the leading online-shop solutions: E-Commerce Agency KEYNET is the first business partners of the shopware AG in Austria. Shop goods, manufacturer of some of the leading online-shop solutions, offers its software all the important functions for an online shop of the box already out"and is still doing individually customizable. Through the partnership between KEYNET and shop goods she should find wider available, software in Austria as a free Community Edition. Shopware is offered in three different versions: on the one hand just as a free Community Edition version, which can be extended with modules. The modules can in the community store shop goods related or special requirements to be developed by a Shopware partners such as KEYNET. The other two versions are subject to a charge, include extensive support and warranty by shop product itself. These commercial editions can also completely to your own needs adapted and expanded.

What's the collaboration? KEYNET founder Christopher batik pleased about the cooperation, because the demand for open source software in E-commerce especially in small - and medium-sized enterprises is very large, and here an optimal solution can be offered in the future with shop goods. "Batik says: the combination of open-source (free Community Edition) and commercial support makes shop goods particularly interesting, because we ourselves can extend the systems and as a business yet the support of shop goods rely on partners." Oliver Deuker, responsible for partner in the shopware AG, sees an opportunity in the cooperation to better distribute shop goods in Austria. "This Deuker: with KEYNET we have found an ideal partner for Austria, as their technical expertise is ideally suited for demanding solutions with shop goods." As a business partner is KEYNET also possible for those interested to create test accounts, to allow the online-shop solution quick way to get closer. Is certified developer in the partnership participation in developer training and a certification as a shop commodity"by the shopware AG possible, which will in the near future also sought by KEYNET. About shop goods: The shopware AG is a German manufacturer of software for the online shop systems and was founded in the year 2000. With currently more than 4,500 customers and numerous distribution partners the shopware AG one of the most successful manufacturers of shopping cart software and excels in a multiple award-winning products and comprehensive service.

About KEYNET: KEYNET, founded is agency that specializes in the creation of online shops and individual Web applications in September 2003 with headquarters in Amstetten (lower Austria), an E-commerce. In implementing open-source preference systems / technologies. All solutions is, in addition to a clean implementation of technical, design and usability at the forefront. Contact: KEYNET E-commerce solutions DI Christoph batik + 43 7474 530 11 keynet

Business Startups

Each founder combination business idea and decision power is located in the classic situation of a maker and the decision-making process. For example, a good business idea to fail can be doomed if not a founder's decision strengths sufficient to put them into practice. A founder may have many strengths, without a good business idea but lost. If one combines both criteria, namely the quality of the business idea and decision strengths, so the two following connection pairs likely to results with the greatest probability (assessment levels: outstandig, good, average, and poor): A: quality of the business idea: outstanding, decision strengths: outstanding, likely result: success B: quality of the business idea: poor, decision strengths: poor, likely result: failure, failure question arise when the two other combinations: C: Quality of the business idea: outstanding, decision levels: poor, likely result? D: quality of the business idea: poor, decision strengths: outstanding, likely result? With regard to decision strengths of the founder, if necessary supported by a targeted application of decision techniques (cf. Becker, Jorg: decision techniques as crisis protection, 2010) especially the combination of C: would be quality of the business idea: outstanding, decision levels: poor, likely result:? of great interest.

So should you not claims or insinuates that a founder inappropriate despite an excellent business idea for their implementation. Which would be contrary to already, that he was able to develop an excellent business idea. It is therefore rather be assumed that the decider has a number of good qualities, but really come to fruition and can effect, if in business later in life the correct decisions. Because despite other qualities, for example, a founder this could be made dashed, when serious mistakes are made. It should therefore try to deal with some fundamental decision-making situations and problems. Decision techniques should be not isolated but seen only using their connections for the individual person of the replacements.

Business Communications

Award ceremony before about 250 Vodafone BusinessPartnern in the old Bundestag in Bonn that COM GmbH Herbolzheimer SH business in the German market is one of the leading BusinessPartnern of Vodafone D2 GmbH. For this exceptional performance SH sales manager Lothar Mittermaier could accept a special award these days: in Bonn Kurten Mark Klein (Director sales middle-class) and Wolfgang Hohwieler (Sales Director Vodafone BusinessPartner) SH business communications with a prize in the category of "Converged mobile and fixed network products marketing". The Vodafone D2 GmbH's sales is one of the largest and most modern telecommunications providers in Europe with 13,000 employees and around nine billion euros. Kenneth R. Feinberg may not feel the same. In addition, the Dusseldorf offer a fully integrated product portfolio in the areas of mobile data communication, fixed-line and broadband Internet. In the B2B business, Vodafone consistently pursues the way of partner sales for many years. These occur only experienced, strong and loyal marketers "BusinessPartner program" Place into consideration. The SH business communications is now one on the German market by far the most successful Vodafone partners. The partnership between SH business communications and Vodafone proves to be for quite some time as a model of success. So, the market for communication solutions is characterized by an enormous dynamism; at the same time, the company put emphasis on maximum flexibility and mobility. "Our medium-sized business customers expect a perfect solution, for their telecommunications always as possible regardless of individual providers.

Better Business

With experienced professionals, we meet each customers film desire. Viersen, March, 2011 - today is more important than ever to promote services and products. After all, there is a big competition, what is not least because everything has become more transparent. Consumers can take without major problems of products and services of companies in whole Germany or worldwide claim. It is all the more important, regularly to make advertising for his company. This is achieved especially good with commercials. HQ movies have focused on producing industrial films, exhibition films and commercials in excellent quality.

It is also possible in order to plant documentary films, corporate films, product films, training films or event movies. Characteristic of the HQ movies model is, that can be chosen between four different packages. The range this from the Starter over the business and professional - ultimate package. The individual packages differ with regard to the individual services. You'll be playing Rotation time on site, the follow-up time and advice as well as a role as more services. The services of "Story", "Text", "Cut", "Music", "Professional speaker" and "Mix", "Convert" and "Film equipment" are included in each package.

These services creates a completely new method, to alert consumers to and to stay in the memory of this longer than the competition. Entrepreneurs can thanks to relax, lean back and let it surprise is what innovative and impressive ways to promote products and services. Giovanni Ioele and Uwe Roniger know why today many entrepreneurs rely on this advertising opportunity: "with experienced professionals we meet each customers movie request, to create a visual experience. For companies that want to introduce a new product or yourself, this is a measure that fits into an existing marketing budget." The experts of HQ movies are sure that Film quality at the best price on quickest way provide an attractive promotion for many companies is. Thereby, the provider looks back HQ movies in 13 years on more than 200 productions. The customer benefits from this experience of course. This can rely on the professional team approaches the company or the products offered in the right light, to use all opportunities that now exist to make customers aware. HQ movies team consists of experts who know how stuck and products via a visual experience in the minds of potential customers. Entrepreneurs who have neither the time nor the desire to deal, as they bring their product to the guy"can, have the ability to outsource promotion and to entrust HQ movies with the complete staging. Especially the ultimate package offers flexibility and service. So advice and briefing can be done for example directly on site. Also in the package Interviews, professional photos, lighting and sound equipment are included. The modern form of courtship by a visual effect of mounting, exclusive music compositions and a 3D animation is completed.

Shivakumar Professor

Lakshmanan's Shivakumar lakshmanan's Shivakumar, Professor of accounting at the London business school feels very honored, was public offerings with the excellence award 2012 of Emerald management review for his article earnings quality at initial"awards. The content and applicability of theme were very valued by many scientists and market actors. The Professor is interested in his research for market efficiency, profitability and the return rates of investment. He has some lectures in many universities (such as the Australia of National University, University of Madras, University of Chicago) held on these topics. Still he was awarded as a valued Professor also some teaching excellence awards. The article essentially refers to companies that launch an IPO (so-called IPO * companies) and this he finds that these companies build their financial reports in a conventional manner.

The result of many different requirements for financial reports, which this must be as extensive. Since the publication of his article, this is enormously successful and is one of the top 50 articles in Emerald which he has a strong influence on the industry. Emerald management reviews is an accredited directory for magazines with articles, which includes the best management articles. Emerald is one of the best directories, because it contains an unusually high number of published articles by, for example, management training experts and professors. 300 At Emerald approximately listed by all economic-related management magazines and management articles. Every year, several thousand articles in Emerald be submitted which to assess very highly the award for Professor Shivakumar. Professor Shivakumar is awarded 2012 the award at the annual meeting of the Academy of management in the vicinity of Boston.


Detecting events, whose Wirkungen are important for the subsequent earnings and safeguard of the company's growth with a time offset the early warning instruments must be linked information and terms of data very closely with the company's own strategic orientation as well as with the external corporate world. Even weak signals, i.e. only fuzzy structured information must be filtered out. Indicators should focus not on backward-looking sizes, but aimed more to the description of risks and latent opportunities. It comes to identify positive or negative developments, expressed in a change in the respective indicators over time above or below certain thresholds, as early as possible. Early warning radar on the environment of the company: early warning tools are focused not on data from business activities, which have already taken place. Rather it concerns their effects with analysis and thereby detecting events, time offset are important for the subsequent earnings and safeguard of the company's growth. Therefore, early warning tools are also part of the strategic planning with the proviso to signal possible disruptive events of corporate development with the temporal flow.

"Cf. Becker, Jorg: strategy-check and balance of knowledge, ISBN 9783837073058. the early warning instruments of expression: target actual variance analysis, development of number systems to counter catalogs, strategic radar" also weak signal acquisition. Task fields for early warning instruments: signals: both business and environment signals, even in the weak form capture and deploy. Changes: Note on changes of existing or the potential for success. Causes: Analysis of the relationship between observed signals and developments. Assessment: Assessment of signals according to their importance for the company. Planning: Implementation of the findings in the target and plan processes.

CF. Becker, Jorg: Management cockpit of the intellectual capital report, ISBN 9783837046540.. the early warning instruments must be linked with the company's own strategic orientation as well as with the external business environment information and terms of data very closely. Even weak signals, i.e. only fuzzy structured information, must be filtered out. Possible critical events are usually the result of a longer process, begins to draw attention to the signals on long time before often only by weak. With the method of scanning be like with a strategic radar"almost with a 360-degree search method specific grid in the environment of the company after weak signals sampled. Has it received weak signals with this scanning could be evidence of critical events, monitoring joins in the second step. This is an analytical diagnostic process, additional, in-depth information to the to the detected signal gain. While trying the method of leading indicators"possible disadvantages of purely statistical methods as a result "to get around by indicator" details of events you want to record and then put into signals. The observing fields selected as early-warning indicators must be adapted to changing conditions.

Professor Luis Machado

In grades where they start to study AA text is from 2nd or third basic forward and employ the method of memorization, east to read a text is the number of times as necessary, 10 or 20 times for the brain to memorize in a mechanical way, without thinking Without paying attention to what is being saved in memory and that's when the problem arises learn to remember what has been studied, a Take the example of how to remember logical grammar using the method of images. Send him to a Estudiara read and repeat 20 times the text of language lessons for tomorrow EXAMPLES a practices instead Lesson for tomorrow it is studying grammatical sentence grammatical sentence is the set of words that makes sense and complete syntactic autonomy! As the brain remembers this text!, if what is before the student are words. The brain does not process words Let's see how we processed images to be saved to the text, using the natural method of mental images a, a TEXT IS grammatical sentence is the set of words that makes sense and complete syntactic autonomiaa 1.-We must stress the most important words together, words, full respect, autonomy, syntactic 2.-We make a grammatical sentence title images. We think that we are praying with a grammar book under his arm. 3.-a We should turn to images of text underlined words a 4.-We should mimic the images 5.-We tell a story We have to record in a logical order a The first thing to keep in memory is the title, accompanied by images that are on the card. Prayer (A girl praying) and (a grammar book) and next to the text in words Grammar of the word after the title grammatical sentence is Set, we must emphasize the word together and encode the word together with an element that makes us IMAGES remember a rock band then you have to do mime, I'm playing guitar in MIA SET, that's when we recorded in our memory the boot image is so set a with the following words to pictures as shown in the cartillaa a (the first image that I remember is a set of Rock), I am playing in a rock band with my guitar, then I get the parrot, the parrot, emits words encode the word with a parrot and then I play the nose, ear, eye, tongue senses are all joining v I, the set, the parrot, the senses, an AUTO with RBD MIA and a soccer field, where they are explaining the tactics of football my team Barcelona, which is no tactic that A does not win fu (comics) a Take the example by following the steps and remember UD Sentence Grammar is easy. A and Asia teachers and students have found a great way to learn grammar, using the method of mental images. Thus the cerebroa grammatical sentence recalls the Professor Luis Machado C to A if you write me mail, I can send the books with graphic examples of the system to 52 regular teachers Aa'OS AM BORN ON 27 JUNE 1956 I AM THE CREATOR OF A SOCCER GAME FORECAST ON PAGE ELECTRONIC dasarrollado I remember a technique for classes using elrecordador an easy way part of the process subject of study for children aged 8 to 12 years

August Service

Berlin, August 27, 2010 - the workXL AG from Berlin has in August the Dutch job service for Reed Business launched. As a specialist in the area of procurement and project information, the workXL AG realized technical solutions for the European Union, industry and chambers of Commerce, associations and commercial providers for years. The in-house core product is the German job service Overheidsplannen is the third order service workXL realized for Reed Business. for public tenders and specifically for commercial construction project August Overheidsplannen is started now beginning.

Overheidsplannen provides information about investments of Dutch municipalities, provinces and water associations in billions of dollars. Editors determine annually the investment plans for the next five years. So, the job service includes more than 28,000 investment. By the early and detailed knowledge of these investment plans have service providers, suppliers and Contractors who promptly to put option, with the competent authorities and so your chances at upcoming procurements and tenders to improve enormously. The offer is complemented by Overheidsplannen through the tender publications of the European Union. The information is enriched, categorized and assigned to regionalism. During the search, a distinction is made between tenders and investment plans. Mike Sudmeyer, project manager of Reed Business is very satisfied with the technical implementation of the service.

"We thank the workXL for any professional and pleasant cooperation. We are pleased, to be able to provide valuable information to our customers and users with our new portal available." About workXL AG workXL AG is the information and technology service provider on the research and communication of public tenders and private / commercial specialized orders. Since 2000, develops and operates workXL including regional and industry-focused portals, on the more than 450,000 orders of public authorities, companies or private individuals each year to over 50,000 companies are taught.

Chamber Sciences

Interview begins training for aspiring entrepreneurs, entrepreneur and successor consultant Monika Lambrecht for the new training courses for entrepreneurs, entrepreneur and successor In September 2010 at the University of applied sciences Nordhausen. Joint organizers are the University of applied sciences Nordhausen, the Chamber of Commerce Erfurt and the firm Lambrecht & Marx. the participants will introduce the basics of the successful Gerschaftsleben in less than 100 hours. 1 woman Lambrecht, the firm Lambrecht & Marx is one of the three organizers of this unusual training. Why so many different partners (University of applied sciences Nordhausen, firm Lambrecht & Marx and Chamber of Commerce Erfurt)? The University of applied sciences Nordhausen, Erfurt Chamber of Comemrce and our law firm, Lambrecht & Marx, tax consultant lawyers, combines the desire, through education, to strengthen the expertise of the entrepreneurs and managers, and to support them in their efforts for economic success. We are predestined, because we not only for many years in addition to the traditional tax and Legal advice offer also consulting and financial planning. We are committed to the training of entrepreneurs, founders and successors and BBs, such as the University of applied sciences Nordhausen and Erfurt Chamber of Commerce cooperate with universities of applied sciences and Chamber of Commerce.

2. for whom is the course and what are the concrete benefits for the participants? Our training is suitable for all, which are in business as business owners or executives, or will be. The participants of this course lasting one semester can avoid many misunderstandings and mistakes with the experiences from this training. And since error at the company cost often lots of money, you can save specific significant costs in the future using this training and optimally set up their operation. 3. am I already a full-fledged entrepreneur who can run a business or take over after the semester? Which contents are specifically taught? Provides the basic knowledge is the an entrepreneur in the business, tax and legal in our training, Area, as well as in screening and risk management needs.

Startup Business Plans

What is the business plans! Today, entrepreneurs need business plans not only, but also to venture capitalists, investors, banks giving potential partners or credit to convince. Even who would like to apply for the Foundation grant must submit not only documents that leave no doubt, that the full-time self-employment successfully is to be exercised he also the Chamber of Commerce or any other competent body of need to convince that the concept is financially as economically viable and that the personal as technical conditions are met. The business plan must meet not only specific content, but also formal requirements. The business plan is so to speak the first business card, those awarded to an entrepreneur who should at least determine their future fate. Therefore, a business plan must be formally appealing and be drafted in a simple, understandable way of expression not in colloquial language. Also, make sure that there are no spelling or typing errors.

The business plan should include maximum of 35 pages. Very komplexeVorhaben need more space. An outline and a maximum two pages long summary of the main points follow after the cover page. It is really just a summary be and not to a specific text, which once again illuminated the whole project of a completely new page. In the text itself should be avoided as well General designs like on terms, which are nothing but semantic games.

Especially the benefits your product or service offer for customers interested in the reader of a business plan. As a result, that you clean calculate costs and prices and are characterized by detailed market and competitor knowledge view their professional qualifications. Expect from you, that you know how to achieve success and avoid failure. It is good, if the facts that you perform, not just allegations are, but also on the basis of sources take leave.

Quick Business Time

Fast business with the time the Maintaler Express Logistics GmbH & co. KG celebrates 20 year anniversary London, 19.Juli 2011 - celebrating these days the Maintaler Express Logistics GmbH & co. specializing in time-sensitive transport KG, headquartered in London, 20-year anniversary. Started with an elderly Fiat Ducato roll today brand new Mercedes Sprinter, ACTROS or MAN TGX for the main Valley. Since 2004, Markus Trapper - the son of the former founder Norbert frontiersman manages the Affairs of the mid. Sometimes border guards can even hardly believe it, what arose from humble beginnings over the course of two decades.

So the company has, according to own statements today became one of the leading provider of time sensitive specials in Germany, but offers extensive international service as a partner and shareholder of the Profex courier system now at almost 60 locations in Europe. "The development of our company reflects of course the dynamic conditions in the market," says Border guards. Long ago, the factor has become a fundamental success factor in complex logistical concepts time. So it was only logical that we have always developed our core product of direct and special. Meanwhile also services in the field of refrigeration, on board courier and transport of dangerous goods are among the range of services of the special specialists.

We offer everything from a single source. "No matter whether a car from Hanau to Wiesbaden is desired, a mega trailer from Barcelona to Gothenburg, an on board courier from Munich to Istanbul, an Antonov from Paris to Moscow, 24,000 kg of dangerous goods from Frankfurt to Graz, crane loading or GPS-based transport of high-quality goods we try every desire to meet", as border guards. Anniversary Trapper puts the focus on the future: "We work continuously on new products and services, which are exactly tailored to the needs of their customers." So go the special trip specialists currently with an extended offer in the segment of temperature-controlled Specials at the start and offer the transport of consignments in the temperature ranges from - 20 to + 25. About Maintaler express Logistik GmbH, the Maintaler express Logistik GmbH, headquartered in Bruchkobel is specialist for time-sensitive shipments within the broadcast range of 1 to 24,000 kg. The service radius of the company goes far beyond the Rhine-Main region. So more than a third of the approximately 150 jobs per day be charged Europe or Germany. As a shareholder and partner of the Europe-wide courier network Profex, the company is also present in more than 60 locations within Europe. As a medium-sized company, the special trip specialist has more than 50 permanent staff and about 150 free trader. The short-term provision of each vehicle category by the car belongs to the strengths of the company according to own up to the semitrailer. In addition, the company for fire-urgent shipments realized transport by helicopter or plane. Among the company's expanded portfolio also temperature-guided tours, the transport of dangerous goods, camouflaged and high-quality electronics. For more information,

Axanta AG

Axanta AG expands: new branch office in Dusseldorf Oldenburg August 2013. The axanta AG continues to be expert in acquisition and sale of companies on course for success. The procession of axanta AG on 1 September 2013 at more accessible premises in Dusseldorf is another sign of the right business strategy. Many companies and businesses already benefited from advice from the axanta AG. You are a clear sign of the success of the company. This is manifested in the recent strategic decision to relocate the Dusseldorf branch office infrastructure better situated. The axanta AG is the new premises September 1, 2013 contact data of the new site of axanta AG, important information about the new site, a map and the contact information for all other offices are provided under.

The new site in Dusseldorf is located in a commercial area in the North of the city. The contact person as well as the phone numbers remain even after the Moving unchanged. The new address is: fountain Street 45, 40472 Dusseldorf. The new Office of axanta AG offers an optimal infrastructure that new axanta AG branch office located in the area Lichtenbroich. In the past decade, the number of inhabitants of this increasingly popular neighborhood has doubled in a very short time. There is a large industrial area, whose main Vorteil is located in the most developed infrastructure. The new location for our branch office in Dusseldorf, we shorten the ways for clients to us.

That saves our customers time and money and is a clear plus in the service,"explained Udo Goetz, CEO of axanta AG. Before the branch was in the western part of Dusseldorf's bordering city Neuss in Heerdt. About axanta AG the founded in 2006 axanta AG belongs in Germany the market leader among the independent consulting companies in the M & A business. They focus on the advice and support of small and medium-sized companies in the purchase and sale of companies, Succession and quiet and active participations. In the focus are small and medium-sized companies of all sectors of the economy, which across comprehensive support the axanta AG through all phases. In addition to the headquarters in Oldenburg, Germany, the company operates branch offices in Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt am Main. As one of the first companies in the M & A industry, the axanta AG has been certified according to ISO 9001 by TuV Nord.

Business Succession

Dr. Thomas G. long ear depicts a possible alternative approach to internal business succession in an interview with the staff exchange GmbH specialised in hand-picked MBI candidates. There are many alternative approaches for business succession. In addition to passing it to a family member, a management buy-out or sale at a (strategic) Investor, also passing on an experienced corporate successor in the framework of a management buyin is interesting for a growing number of business owners.

A special in this regard a MBI candidate of change GmbH. approach change: Mr. Dr. Lachelle, are lawyers and have worked for many years in the management of large international and also medium-sized banks. Is that the reason for your tiered approach in the corporate succession? Long-eared bat: In my banking I know may learn the medium-sized entrepreneur as an individual: his Ant, its W unsche, S rwartungen, nteressen I and edurfnisse B.

I have the successful entrepreneur as appreciate the freest and self-conscious sovereign of our State. Jobs and thereby national income and tax revenue depend on his entrepreneurial spirit. The orderly and therefore successful continuation of the company is therefore multiple existential. Change: What is your tiered approach for this succession? Long-eared bat: First of all, the careful selection of a successor through a testing phase as Associate Managing Director is desirable. Here, the business seller and potential buyer can check whether the DNA of the potential buyer to cope with the future tasks of the company match. Especially with family companies in the middle-class is also the personal human side of a deep care of the entrepreneur for the employees of great importance. Often neglected, that the staff should support the succession by a motivation boost to shape the future. An internal termination would be the continuation of the Fatal success. Change: This also applies to renovation objects? Long-eared bat: Just there because the way of rehabilitation is difficult and is therefore easier to endure when bought together and felt bundles the forces, and the success is more likely.

Communication Link

YouCon GmbH, itelligence AG cooperate Vienna/Munich/Bielefeld, August 08, 2011 at companies with high volume of communication to offer a homogeneous infrastructure, have the itelligence AG, headquartered in Bielefeld and close cooperation agreed the YouCon GmbH with seat in Vienna and Munich, for the future. The combination of the portfolios and the expertise of the two SAP partners enables customers now, seamlessly combining business processes and electronic communication processes. Such synergies, which increase the quality of data and increase the satisfaction of customers, employees and partners. To YouCon and itelligence will join as solutions for customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and multichannel communication. Agreed cooperation, the itelligence AG now will put on the experience of the YouCon GmbH with the implementation of SAP business communications management. In the past few years we have SAP business communications management successfully implemented. These include"the Austrian social security system, the Vienna economic promotion fund, euro paper and OSRAM, reported Matthias Kruger, Managing Director of the YouCon GmbH.

now aspiring, together with itelligence, to provide IP-based communications solution even more companies. To make it a most attractive customers will YouCon and itelligence reinforced that for the company to create a consistent environment for business and communication processes. To do so we bring together various SAP solutions." SAP business communications management is an IP-based communications solution that provides functions for the contact channel cross-business communication. The software replaces the parallel operation of insulated telephone systems. Logical interconnection of different locations creates a seamless connection between different tasks, knowledge institutions and departments. SAP business communications management is precisely SAP CRM and SAP ERP matched. As expert for SAP CRM and SAP ERP is a itelligence in cooperation. The company is represented with more than 2,000 highly skilled employees in 20 countries as one of the internationally leading IT full-service provider in the SAP environment.

As SAP Business Alliance-global partner hosting and application management, global partner services and global value-added reseller, realized itelligence for over 4,000 customers worldwide complex projects in the SAP environment. Two established SAP partner in a promising sector collaborate with YouCon and itelligence now. "The simple integration of the IP communication platform in SAP CRM and SAP ERP, which no required middleware, is for many companies a very attractive option", emphasizes Dr. Andreas Paul, Executive Board Germany of itelligence AG. For speaks to the increasing fusion of communication channels through IP communications solutions. Secondly, many companies face the challenge of the workflow and communication processes are better to link with each other. Here the simple integration of SAP business communications management features SAP ERP and SAP CRM. I am very confident that itelligence, YouCon and last but not least our customers will benefit permanently from the cooperation." The IT service provider with headquarters in Vienna focused on its solutions on the interaction between humans and technology. This applies to the integration of VoIP software into existing and new infrastructures as well as for process optimization and the creation of customized software solutions. As a successful product is the in-house Myrmex"this internally as well as in the supporting outsourcing use. The wide range of means full product solutions from a single source for individual tasks. Since 2007 the company service partner of SAP. Due to the proven cooperation, SAP for YouCon has a sales and integration partner opted for the all-IP solution SAP business communications management. The software is in contact centers and the daily Corporate communications as a versatile platform.

Promote Your Business MLM Home Business

First say you can post your MLM business, we want everyone to know people can choose the one you like multilevel. Can not you manage your multi-member? Want to know what your mistakes and why your business does not work? The multi-stream is also doing business on Line offer yours, waiting for someone to answer to a notice you, to make a phone etc ... Hello, probably be looking for a job from your home or home business, or whether you're in one. I will focus on multilevel business. If you want a job at home that is at a conventional job, I recommend having a curriculum in a company's business and internet based marketing.

In this article we will examine the most common mistakes. Some of them I will make in this article for you to notice them. I started six months ago and multilevel business really started to make money recently. You're probably not earning nothing or very little. Why? Because it is not easy members get to your MLM business system.

Also they teach you that your system is so fabulous business that sells only recommend it to everyone, or so I've been told. This is not true. No need to tell everybody, because it will give the feeling of being desperate, and that is precisely the opposite picture, which really need to take to achieve success. What do you do then if you do not tell everyone about your MLM business system? You must give a professional image, starting your business from the ground up, with your own professional website, not the company, Prospecting efficiently, with little expenditure on advertising and high yields. I recommend you design with Dreamweaver, you can download from the Adobe website. They give you a trial version of 30 days. In addition you must have a professional email you can access with a hosting fee. For now I recommend you use a very professional free. (Ask me for if you wish). You must therefore have something you distinct from others and you will attract people as the famous law of attraction:, which you can consult the following reading this article if you wish. Your site must be relevant, thus showing that people seeking certain information, a specific answer to your problem. You must be synthetic and not to count over the account, it is not necessary. You should not hide your data, you should have reliable and everyone knows who you are, with a photo or video. Please sign with your personal details, contact telephone number, email, you have nothing to hide, you're running your own business. Your site should provide automatic tracking to all your prospects. And you must participate in the Internet community, something that I will develop in another article. These guidelines are general, but with their own website, writing relevant articles, participate in forums, no spamming, thus promoting your MLM business in a professional and efficient. And using a good sales letters that generate curiosity and not rely too much at first, but people who are frightened by information overload. If you need any more interesting information, I recommend you join has been a pleasure to give you these little tips, if you follow, do not spam, we promoted in a polite and professional, and do an automatic segment of your prospects, then into a months will the business started.

Federal Police

Cans not only friendship, but also the business relationship as giveaways will receive the original way of the loyalty of small gifts. Promotional products are as the name already says a good marketing strategy should take advantage of each company for customer loyalty. Gifts each and that pleased all the more, if it's commodities, which offer a real benefit and added value. Calendar, pens and wine bottles are indeed nice, but nothing special. Original articles that fall into the eye and stand out from the crowd of freebies, these are for example storage boxes for business cards. There are to establish now some companies which specialize cans and metal packaging for all occasions in many fine shapes and colors. The cans are particularly good as promotional gifts, because they are universally usable.

Including Mercedes Benz, the Federal Police, Commerzbank, fossil, and Deutsche Borse are among the customers of these cans. Metal packaging as jewellery and promotional items Business card boxes are noble metal packaging, which you can use to pack not only products, but also emotions. The cans are technologically sophisticated and carefully planned down to the smallest detail. There are no limits to the design of jewelry boxes. Individual lettering and logos that convey a corporate philosophy, be engraved or printed.

One of the doses manufacturers offers a range of no less than 700 different formats. There is something guaranteed for any gift idea! Business card boxes are considered innovative promotional products of the highest quality that will delight your customers and support the acquisition of new customers. Freebies once otherwise elegant cards for the sales pen, USB-sticks, writing block and co. are nice give-aways but unfortunately nothing special. Who wants to impress his customers and at the same time stay in memory, there is now the ultimate giveaway idea: printed business card holders for your field staff. Packed in elegant tin cans, business cards, an eye-catcher, which is at the same time practical and useful are guaranteed. Business cards are among the most important instruments in the promotion of new customers. What obvious, to be kept as it in beautiful business card boxes? There are 95 x 65 x 6 mm the shapely, printed business card holders in the format. 50 cards fit in each case. They are decorated with the name and the logo of the customer and the gift to give the personal touch. The business card boxes so created, original and individually to meet your needs, so your advertising to unique gifts that are daily remind your customers of your company. There is also an extra Division for holding and satisfy existing customers in large companies in addition to the new customer recruitment department, because it is the more efficient way to keep the customer level.

Your Image In The Mirror

According to the laws of physics, a mirror returns you the exact image that everyone else see. Of course mirrors trick with which you'll see as PEAR, spaghetti or even erased you some little details. Some of which like conspiracy theories say that mirrors the stores are arranged so you can see you well with a dress, although in reality look like a watermelon or parts that would be better hidden noticeable you. Although I suppose that it may be true, in the majority of cases there is only someone who can tweaking your image: you. One of the advantages of the physics and mathematics is that, although not like at school, are always the same. No matter the country, language or time of the year you are: you will always get the same result.

On this basis, the mirror does not lie. Why then never are a bride satisfied with your image in the mirror? Although it look perfect always will say that the dress is not well or that hair this or that nails the other. For this reason also one girl with eating disorders will be fat in the mirror but you can hang clothes on their shoulders or the fan of the weights will see her slender arms, although it may not close them by the size of his biceps. Don't you convince you? How many times you changed of opinion when you buy something? You tests, say, a few lenses that you are super cool and you can not take your view from above by the well that you have left. However, changes as soon as you get close to a group of friends who laugh at them all. What's more, they don't need to see you: if they appear in a commercial or a magazine and all are agree that are ridiculous and nacos, immediately change things. It is likely that you go to the mirror with your super lens and you see then how they are outrageous, big, small, crimp beads or thousand things that you did not you notice the first time you put them. Returning to the laws of physics, the mirror has changed nothing.

Your image is still the same. What changes is the perception you have of you and your super glasses. You'll never be able to put yourself in accordance with all and less in regards to fashion. The perception that we have all of ourselves is not as mirror: changes continuously depending on many things. So if your mind is playing tricks for you, remember that the mirror will always be the same. While don't get in accordance with what you see, no matter that the principles of optics are immutable: you can always change the image in your head. Why do not we are so impressionable when they tell us that we are well? Finally, as you look you will see. We hope that you look as well as the mirror says. Or course, you can find a good mirror trick original author and source of the article.

Florence Nightingale

Aldous Huxley not there best measure of what a person is, what does when you have complete freedom to choose. William Buelger happiness is not a station of arrival, but a mode of travel. First invest in yourself, unless you're a bad investment....Tom Schreiter IDEA: invest in yourself and improve your life. Don't let poverty to reach you. Check out these manuals and progresses. Character is the inner motivation to do the right thing, whatever it takes.

Important thing is not what makes us the destination, but what we do on him. Not what we say, but what we think, what transpires in our Florence Nightingale countenance. We are unhappy with how much we have and we live very sad, for what little need us all we are amateurs. Life is so short that does not give for more. Charles Chaplin a fool always finds another more fool who admire you. Niels Bohr intelligent man is not he who has many ideas, but who knows to take advantage of the few who has. Anonymous there is who crosses the forest and sees only firewood to the fire. Lev Nikolaievich in the way of your life, it is not so important the distance that you've arrived, but the direction to take. - each one of us forge the chains that we dragged our lives Charles Dickens if you want to understand the word happiness, you have to understand it as a reward and not end - Antoine de Saint-Exupery Marcos Munoz original author and source of the article

French Revolution

Thus, Souza (1987) points that, the advent of the bourgeoisie and the industrialismo, giving origin to a new style of life; the democracy, becoming possible the participation of all the layers in the process, another mark of the elites; careers liberal and professions, deviating interest masculine of competition of fashion, that starts to be characteristic of the feminine group (...) in the sample that the French Revolution was, of certain form, the watershed for the phenomenon of the fashion. (SOUZA, 1987, P. 22) As phenomenon stimulated for the growth of the decurrent consumption of the commercial expansion, the fashion gradually passes to reach diverse social stratus and to extend its domnios, therefore with the height of the division of the work, of the mechanization and implementation of techniques, new txteis staple fibres appear, new colors, models and accessories - what it made possible an ample variety of creations in the scope of the indumentria. Thus, as it affirms Crane (2006) to the measure that the occidental societies if had industrialized, the effect of the social stratification in the clothes uses if transformed. In the end of century XX, the cheaper gradually, therefore, accessible clothes had become the layers lowest. ' ' Historians of the indumentria had concluded that the clothes had been democratized during century XIX, therefore all the social classrooms had started to adopt similar types of vesturio' ' (CRANE, 2006, P. 27) the fashion, that seemed to offer possibilities of a person to reach its social status, during this period was only aspect of clothes.

For the author, the fashion must be seen as some ways for which the clothes had been used: social control, by means of the imposition of uniforms and clothes codes. The nature of the fashion moved, as well as the ways for which the people answer it. The fashion of century XIX consisted of a clear-cut standard of presentation wide adopted.

African Personages

In this direction, it affirms Ana Clia Silva (2001, P. 24): ' ' To propagate the inferiorizao of the black and the supremacy of the white is a form of conscientious or unconsciously, to strengthen racism to brasileira' '. Literature has contributed, of this form, to promote an only standard cultural partner in detriment of others denied in its wealth and diversity. This if becomes perceivable if valuing the white ethnic-racial group in detriment of the black, which is neglected in the literary compositions, without name (Brown Boy), animalized, in papers of alluded servants or to the dirt and the tragedy. Literature acts in our lives to join basic myths of community, its imaginary one or its ideology. In Brazilian literature, however, black is the excluded word occulted frequently, or a representation invented for the other, being always the element delinquent (MUNANGA, 2005 P. 86).

In the context of years 80, infanto-youthful literature, in the attempt to breach with the negative attributes regarding the black personages, left to desire. The fact of these narratives to present black personages as protagonists is an evident innovation, since these personages had always occupied irrelevant papers. The problem is in the fact of as the protagonist is portraied black, the social space where the personage if finds, the vision that they have of its race. Still in years 80, one searched to denounce the problematic one of racism, showing that the racial democracy is a myth, therefore only exists in the paper, however, what it is observed in these histories is, one more time, the inferiorizao of the black personages, the humilhao the one that the blacks are submitted, without speaking in illustrations, still, contemptuous. In the present time, with the implantation of the law 10.639/03, that cousin for the ressignificao and valuation of the history of Africa and African culture and afro-Brazilian, urge the necessity to correct injustices, to eliminate discriminations and to promote the social inclusion and the citizenship for all, in the Brazilian educational systems, taking for base, as much literature how much history.

The Challenge Of Iran

Rosa Espinoza the challenge of Iran today on the day the President of the United States Barak Obama is optimistic in the resolution of the problem of Iran in an idealistic way. You have faith that such country programme, follow in order to use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes despite the controversies that this meaning for the world. During the administration of George W. Bush in 2007 they viewed Iran as a possibly threatening country by the fact of being able to develop nuclear weapons thanks to the production of uranium which is the main explosive component to create an atomic bomb. Coupled with such situation the israeli factor I joined the American vision because these two countries have always created tension with respect to Iran, since the Jews have not been recognized, therefore Probus Iran in 2006 that had missiles of medium range to bomb cities in Israel, instilling fear in the style MAD doctrine.

So, the Iranian Government in charge of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made it clear that despite of having an anti-American and anti-Zionist view uranium enrichment has only civilian purposes; in other words, through the Treaty of non-proliferation (NPT) determined that the nuclear programme had a mink at the prospect of climate change using energy from such chemical component as an alternative source to reduce the emission of climate change-helping. I also clarify that on this side; nuclear power does not emit particle rain cause acid or the deterioration of the ozone layer. Also, in this same year the Iranian Government was with the dilemma in which the UN requires you to abandon uranium enrichment in 60 days. This country has a geographical location that makes it butts with Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea and the major producers of oil staying in first and second place respectively. This location is totally appealing to the world's economic and nuclear powers because they believe that their resources would be better supplied if they seize that country, counting that today Russia has with the Bushehr plant that supplies nuclear fuel and on the other hand China which would get natural gas for 30 years. Such dilemma that we have mentioned is the challenge that Iran suffers today and that has not come to a solution or the idealistic agreement that President Obama suggests. On one side are afraid that canceling nuclear program could suffer an attack by Israel or United States taking as example to Iraq and to Cuba when it began the MAD (mutual assured destruction) doctrine in 1962 and on the other hand has as it mentioned pressure from the UN that would dissociate itself from commercial relationships with Russia and China and allow is militarised territory and even some countries are expropien of their natural resources which lifted both its economy. Finally it is worth mentioning that on the one hand India and Pakistan are being ignored by the United States to be strong contributors to the second nuclear age that exists today. But what is worth mentioning with regarding Iran is that such country should not abandon its nuclear program because it is cornered and as well as all countries of the world must have a livelihood that complies with NPT, Iran is in its right to protect itself with the support of Russia and China. Original author and source of the article.

Ukrainian Businesses

Frame by frame Ukrainian business on the verge of another boom. Shortage of professional personnel is felt in most industries. Reduce the effectiveness of traditional methods of recruitment through advertisements, internet, human resources and common recruitment agencies, requires the use of new non-standard tactics to attract workers. More and more companies are turning to recruiting agencies to entice professional competitors or themselves, for their risk, try to contact them directly. Sometimes people are lured by entire departments ... This is a new phenomenon for us - headhunting (headhunting translated to English literally means "bounty hunting").

Good professionals in the growing Ukrainian market, as it turned out, not so much. Grow their own experts - troublesome and risky (also can escape), and successful executives and friendly technicians are needed now. The obvious plus "hunting" - you get trained specialists. Cons: you have to pay for their work and can earn you a bad reputation among colleagues. Therefore, many companies are turning to mediators - headhunter, specialists in "direct" searching and luring top managers. Demand for experienced and successful "hunters" is growing by leaps and bounds ...

In contrast to other methods of recruitment headhunting is focused on rare "piece" of specialists and top managers. Do not assume that high-quality "frame" is easy to agree to your proposal. Typically, it is almost all suits, where he now works. Experienced headhunter knows that the "lead" can be anyone, the main thing - to know what lies behind the word "almost" correctly use this factor.

TVs Innovators

Innovators are the first to agree to new conditions life, finding in them a positive promise. As an engine of progress, the team first takes on new items, bearing all the risks associated with buying and using an unknown commodity. From them comes the first view, the first assessment, determine in the future as a commodity to be adopted by the following, less progressive, consumer groups. Innovators - the personification of protest rationalism as the main idea of consumption, the adepts of large and not very reasonable expenses. Indispensable motivation for their consumption is a new experience, the pleasure of knowing the unknown, an experiment. A negative result of consumption are almost never causes significant emotional innovators injury or disappointment.

Generally, these people are not inclined to pessimism and other negative shades of character. As hunters, travelers, archaeologists, innovators are more driven by the very possibility of discovery than its essence. Then The same can be said about the consumption of a group of innovators. A completely new feature the usual subject matter instantly arouses interest innovators as an opportunity to new experiences, it is not important - positive or negative, risky or safe. Almost all known today, domestic technology began with experiments performed manufacturers is on this 'guinea' group. Remember the black-and-white display mobile phone film, large monitors and TVs - all of this, we used to so far, if at the time the innovators did not accept new technologies, features and ideas. Remember the dog-robot "AIBO" from Sony, developed in response to an unconscious the need for communication lonely city dwellers who can not care for the pet because of time constraints - the idea never would have earned the right to life without the support of innovators.

Business Sales Training Inside Look

Training in Russia assumed the character of the epidemic. Each year the company allocates to the business training of sales of hundreds of thousands of dollars. According to a recent study by Begin Group the most sought after training in Chelyabinsk are training sales management, time, conflicts and personnel. We decided to visit one of the most popular - sales training Understanding the business training participants in a cozy office at 9 am were eight people: five managers, a couple of representatives of mti ('watch, learn') and a journalist. Nine participants training - executive director of entertainment centers in Volgograd - came after half an hour. By the time during operational confession dating in the best traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous 35-year-old coach Valery Dudkin found that almost all of his' patients' healing miracles do not wait, just eager to 'learn something new. " Pretty smiling presence of mind to Helen is clearly not lost: "I am confident that much after the second sales training will find a suitable job, where I could realize themselves." 'Colleagues Start the course '- Dudkin urged the assembled to order.

Along the way, saying that at one time under his leadership, there were 120 people, and he knows both theoretical and practical aspects of management. To warm up the audience was invited to eight pieces of situational brainteasers and put them aside.

Administration Operators

Ingredient of "performance management and quality service "will return for any period of time ago, while providing the necessary tools to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the contact center. Based on these data the company can generate the best offers, comparing favorably to its competitors. Vitamins are components of the ingredient for business record all calls in the contact center Tracing the history of relations with the client, assessment of actions operator for any period of time the definition of retention rules and principles of the analysis of recorded information Ability to focus on problem solving treatment in using the 'analysis of speech', 'Detection of emotions',' Recognition the words 'quality monitoring of operators' work performance management operators, evaluation, planning, learning to write 'screens' operators increased control over the activities of operators and supervisors Planning working time of operators - WFM-solution. This ingredient may not be used without affecting the taste of the final product. Nevertheless, its presence will save resources CPC, not lowering the level of customer service. Vitamins are components of the ingredient for business Making optimal schedule in accordance with the preferences of the operators and the analysis of EAI Increase productivity targets (KPI) at lower human and financial costs of monitoring the work of operators in real-time Ability to rapid changes in the timetable of the operators in case of reducing the extensive set of KPI reports Ability to make strategic and operational decisions to improve the efficiency of the CPC Creating a comfortable working environment for operators, decrease employee turnover call centers' ability Administration jobs of the operators' - a device terminal access.

Plumbing Work Installation

Today plumbing work are pretty much in demand, as among the holders of ordinary apartments in the city and the regeneration of the town houses and office buildings. Installation of polypropylene pipes, replacing a toilet installation of plastic pipes in any case involve a challenge plumbing. Of course, a professional plumber (Kyiv is no exception) should be able to eliminate not only the obvious blockage in the bathroom, but also to perform installation metal pipes, repair toilet, attach a washing machine and dishwasher, an expensive shower, as well as perform any plumbing work. Naturally, the man in the house knows, and knows a lot. In addition, watching the work of plumbing, it would seem that these services do not have to be expensive. But if, for once, try to take care of installation of pipes in an apartment or house, you might encounter with a large number of questions answers can not be found immediately. After all, having been ill, none of us are trying to learn all the known medical reference books to improve their health.

Therefore, plumbing is best to entrust the master of his craft. The modern market offers a new level of sanitary services: installation of plastic pipes, installing meters, replacement of toilets, replacement of pipes, risers, set polypropylene tubes. All of this prerogative competent staff of specialized organizations that are engaged in more than one year of plumbing work. The company 'plumbing services' has different types of plumbing services, including in their work latest technology. Special equipment and knowledge of employees of the company are a reliable guarantee flawless operation of the installed plumbing. Sometimes it happens that installation water heater in the apartment - is not only convenient, but is simply vital. With the birth of children in the family there is a need for constant availability of hot water at the tap.

Direct Treasure: Good Option Of Investment

The debate on the remuneration of the saving despertou the interest of many investors for the Direct Treasure. Not to lose customers, opened banks retail if have shown each time more to the negotiation of public headings, competing product of the investment funds, with compatible costs with the one of the independent brokers. To the eyes of the great financial conglomerates, since when he was servant, in 2002, the Direct Treasure faced vine being with certain exceptions, for representing competition to offers of deep in the banking network. One is about a segment where the banks collect vultosas prescriptions with administration taxes, mainly next to the retail public, who applies low values and has little mobility. But this situation also can be moving. The Bradesco Broker lowered the charged tax drastically as safekeeping agent, of 4% to the year for 0,5% to the year, being on-line with the costs of the market.

In such a way, the Ita Broker will be the only one to keep prohibitive prices, of 4% to the year in the retail and of 3% to year for the customers of the segmentation of high income of the Personnalit. Snake R$ 25 for operation still carried through. The together bank if now to the Bank of Brazil, Federal government saving bank, HSBC, Safra and Votorantim, whose brokers the 0.5%, have inferior taxes According to Bradesco Broker, the bank decided to reduce the tax of the Direct Treasure not to lose customers for other brokers. The bank not yet made no spreading of the newness next to the customers: ' ' When the Direct Treasure started, the bank adopted a high tax. Perhaps it had until a little of distrust of that the customers left the deep ones for capsize to operate in the Direct Treasure. In elapsing of the time, we perceive that the customer of the Direct Treasure is a different person, who has a deeper knowledge of fixed income.

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